Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great American SmokeOut

During the month of November, which is always reserved to promote lung cancer awareness, BPHSN participated in the Great American SmokeOut. Every year, the American Cancer Society designates a day to encourage people to start their smoking quit plan, or to plan ahead and make the Great American Smokeout day their quit date. Of course, BPHSN played an active role in the event that the Student Health Service and Office of External Relations hosted for a GW campus-wide SmokeOut.

Chidimma Acholonu, a BPHSN E-board member and Community-Oriented Primary Care MPH student, hosted a smoking trivia game table on University Yard during the event. Despite the chilly temperature, Chidimma represented BPHSN for 3 hours, asking questions of passers-by and handing out prizes for participants. 

Other tables at the event included a Wall of Reasons, where people wrote down why they smoke or don’t smoke and why they’d like to quit on faux bricks and help build a "support wall"; and various resource tables with snacks, prescription information, and other activities that quitting smokers can use to suppress their desires to smoke until the craving passes and addiction is broken. The entire University Yard was covered in bubbles, as people were encouraged to “blow bubbles, not smoke”, and the pathways were lined with interesting facts about the effects of smoking. 

Kudos to Ms. Acholonu for representing BPHSN at the SmokeOut! For those of you who would like more info about quitting smoking, visit the American Cancer Society’s website for some starting tips on how to quit; or if you’re a GW student, schedule an appointment with Student Health Service for personal counseling and assistance.

Do well on your finals everyone, and see you at the holiday party on Friday!

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