Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Week: Waves of Change

The Washington Post sends Breaking News reports to my cellphone all day long. These reports, Express coupons, bank balances, and AlertDC traffic updates crowd the Yahoo! inbox I've demoted to "important slash annoying emails" status. Last Friday, when I got an alert that Japan suffered an 8.9-magnitude earthquake, and was then struck by a 13-foot tsunami, I shook my head, called His name and put my phone down. Admittedly, ever since Hurricane Katrina, I tend to feel a here-we-go-again feeling every time a natural disaster occurs. I've been desensitized by this incessant email feature, making lives lost seem as unimportant as a quick glance at a cell phone. But, when I saw these pictures, I was brought hurtling back to reality.

My mind was bewildered and full of questions: "Seriously, where is all of that water going to go? Who is going to rebuild all these houses? How are the kids supposed to go to school, what if someone is somewhere having a baby, when are the funerals, what are people eating, where are the doctors...what are they going to do?"

I wish, more than anything, that I had an answer to these questions. I wish I could do more than send a text messaged donation, because what is my measly contribution going to do for a little girl who saw her house, engulfed in flames, swept away by the ocean. When disasters strike, I don't think about it being the end of days. Why think of the end and waste moments that could be the beginning of recuperation? Now, with the threat of nuclear plant disaster, there are brand new problems to solve, amplifying the already unbearable waves of destruction.

Do something. Do anything but sit there and ignore what's happening. The end is not here, and if you're up reading this, it's not near either. You have an opportunity, right now, to make a difference.

Ways to help:
1. Pray. Think nice thoughts. Wish for good things to happen. Spread good karma. Whatever you choose to call it, send some positive vibes Japan's way.
2. Pay. Because money makes the world go round, even though the earthquake shifted the earth's axis.
--Mercy Corps
--Save The Children
Or check Google for even more organizations who are accepting donations.

I know Mother Nature's been busy the past few years, but it's imperative that we treat every situation urgently. Don't become jaded by those convenient reminders that turn news into nuisances. Don't allow (in)famous actors to steal the spotlight from the true stars of the show- our fellow world citizens who are desperately in need of our immediate and heartfelt attention.

*Thanks to http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/03/earthquake-in-japan/100022/ for the photos. View more photos by following that link.*

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