Saturday, January 22, 2011

BPHSN Volunteers on MLK Day 2011

Usually, MLK Day revolves around three very important things: remembering the man and honoring his legacy, actively engaging in and improving our community, and of course, no school! This year, BPHSN took advantage of their day off to accomplish the two most important traditions, by volunteering at the New Community for Children, located on Rhode Island Avenue and 6th St. NW. 

The event was organized by Greater DC Cares, the largest coordinator of volunteerism in the region. Every year, the more than 750 non-profits and over 24,000 volunteers participate in various service initiatives in and around the District. BPHSN joined the ranks on Monday, January 17 to help re-paint the children's community center. After clearing out the space, the DC Cares and BPHSN volunteers livened up the walls with fresh coats of bright-colored paint. 

Before any sprucing up began, the event coordinator spoke briefly to the volunteers. He encouraged them to "temper power with love." The volunteers all seemed to echo those sentiments through action, as they worked tirelessly into the afternoon, despite the cold weather and occasional splashing paint.

BPHSN took the time on Monday to answer what Dr. King once posed as life's most urgent question: what are you doing for others? Once that was taken care of, all that was left to ask was...where's lunch?!

For more pictures, and info on BPHSN events, visit!/group.php?gid=12450053382

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